Health Data Interoperability with Databricks + Tableau

September 27, 2023 12:00pm ET

Join our experts for this live webinar! Accelerate your time to insights and automate data ingestion with the Lovelytics solution for Health Data Interoperability, leveraging Databricks + Tableau.

The healthcare industry has a legacy of highly structured data models and complex analytics pipelines. This vast trove of data is used in clinical trial analytics, therapeutics, operational reporting, and governance & compliance. Automate the ingestion of streaming FHIR bundles into the lakehouse for downstream patient analytics at scale with the Health Data Interoperability Brickbuilder.


rachel circle

Rachel Sim
Sr. Technical Lead


Matan Winstock
Sr. Data Engineer,
Databricks Champion


Eric Balash
Data Visualization Manager, 3X Tableau Ambassador

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